Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Something New

So, if you know me and my old blog, then you probably recognize that some new things are going on here. I am pretty excited about my changes and think that they will make 2010 an outstanding year. With the coming of the New Year, it just seems like now is the right time to announce my 2010 plans and the changes I have made to everyone.

First, my old blog, two mountain goats will no longer be used for postings. I am going to keep it up, so that my old posts will still be available, but all my new entries will be posted here. As before, I plan to post blogs about my racing activities, my bikes, my thoughts and whatever else I feel like sharing with the world. Hopefully I will convey my thoughts and racing stories with a fun (pfun) twist.

Another change that probably stands out is my change of bike shop sponsorship. As many of you know, I have spent the past few years racing for Speedgoat Bikes. I enjoyed racing for them and appreciate all they have done for me during my tenure there, but I have decided to switch teams and race with Pro Bikes of Pittsburgh for 2010. Pro Bikes is a major supporter of Pittsburgh Area Cycling, by sponsoring individual riders, many teams and also adding their support to many cycling events in the area. They are very accommodating to the riders they sponsor and were able to offer me better accessibility and service than a mail order shop can do.

I am also proud to announce that I will be racing for Salsa Cycles again in 2010. Salsa is generously supporting my road, mountain bike and cyclocross efforts for the season. It is an honor to race for a legendary cycling name like Salsa and a privilege to compete with their top quality equipment and frames. I will be sure to post pictures of the Salsa Stuff I am using and post reviews of how it all works.

Last, but certainly not least, the Law Firm of Swensen, Perer and Kontos (SPK) is helping me again for 2010. One of the firm’s top attorneys, Brian DelVecchio, has made a strong commitment to protecting the rights of cyclists and has convinced his firm that supporting bicycle racing is a great way to publicize the firm. In addition to helping me with racing the last two years, Brian has supported the Pittsburgh Area Month of Mud Race Series and is a very active member of PTAG. There is no question in my mind that SPK is the most cycling friendly law firm in the region.

Well, that is about all the news I have for now. After a few good weeks of playing in the snow on skis and such, I am mentally ready for the new racing season to start. But, first let the accumulation of miles begin. Happy Trails, Gerry